Learning, Adaptive Systems and Robotics 
(LASR) Lab

Welcome to the website of the Learning, Adaptive Systems and Robotics (LASR) Lab, which is part of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Technische Universitaet Dresden.

Our research focus on the conjunction of Machine Learning and Robotics, with the ultimate goal of making robots (and other artificial agents) more useful in real-world applications, for the benefit of society.

Active research topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Decision-making under uncertainty
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Bayesian optimization
  • Robot Learning
  • Model-based control
  • Robot manipulation
  • Touch sensing

We Are Hiring!

We have several open positions, including Ph.D. students, Post-docs and research assistants.

Contact Us

Our main office is located at:

Barkhausen-Bau (BAR)
Helmholtzstr. 18,
01069 Dresden,