Theses / Projects

To students from TU Dresden, we offer:

If you are interested, please apply through the form at lasr.org/join-us/


Winter Term 2023/2024

  • Touch Sensing and Processing
    Lecture and exercises (2/2/0)
  • Research Project Robot Learning
    Forschungsprojekt Roboter Lernen (0/0/8) 
  • Research Seminar Robot Learning
    Forschungsseminar Roboter Lernen (0/2/0)
  • Advanced Research Project Robot Learning
    Komplexpraktikum Roboter lernen
  • Group Research Project Robot Learning
    Teamprojekt Roboter lernen

Our classes are listed in the Course Catalog under “Explainable Artificial Intelligence” in the “Institut Künstliche Intelligenz”: https://wwwdek.inf.tu-dresden.de/mole-web/catalogs/wise2324/institute/ki/courses/de#xai

To register for Research Projects please email [email protected]

More information coming soon…